Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decorating with yellow, it's back and it's beautiful

winter at Beechmont 
So pleased to bag the YV&R cover for this beautiful home and garden in Olinda.
Beechmont is a breath taking, 9 acre property- a heady mix of colours, scents,
towering trees, flowers and foliage. The gardens have long been an unforgettable
sensory experience for visitors to the Yarra Ranges.
The 1970's home has recently had a major reno courtesy of the new owner, and Melbourne's most famous florist, Cherrie Miriklis of Flowers Vasette.
I love the design of this room, and its textural rough and smooth combination.
The woven floor rug and chunky knit ottoman ruffle a few smooth surfaces and the turmeric gets a little spicy with the creamy, natural palette.
If you are looking for gorgeous soft furnishings then head over to Indus Design.
Their cushions and throws not only come in beautiful colours and designs but they are also incredibly soft- a 'must have' especially on those cold winter nights in the Ranges!
ttfn Jo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Black & white decor in the country

Kyneton Countryphiles
For more bucolic scenes and vege patch envy pop over to
the Countryphiles and say hello to Danielle.
I think she's just put the kettle on?
ttfn Jox

Monday, May 12, 2014

The spare room you really need!

Home Beautiful April issue
picture perfect glamper van + all weather adirondack
 is it a teen retreat?
  a study or soho maybe?
 what about a sewing room?
  or a place to kick off your shoes and relax :)
The glamper van...aawwgh I want one
 Originally designed as Shepherds huts in Europe ( the Mr Ed door keeps the shepherd
half warm while he keeps an eye on the whole flock) these bespoke beauties are all the rage in the UK for alternative camping holidays or as the spare room you suddenly
realised you just can't live without.
Banish teenagers, write your memoirs or create a set of family pantaloons from
those old drapes- the possibilities are endless!
Some huts even come with a kitchenette and bathroom!
All the gorgeous décor in the hut comes from Metisse, in Olinda and the lime adirondack is from Polywood outdoors. The huts are handcrafted by Blackdown Shepherds Huts in Monbulk and Caroline, the owner of the business loves a chat and can tell you so much more about these custom made beauties.
ttfn Jox

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mid Century space

a warm, wet welcome

 woodstock + sheers
 warming up a large space 
50's glam, ochre + plush Atlantic blue chairs
 enormous island bench + overcompensating salad!
parquetry floors + clean lines
great vases from The Works
bedroom blues + timber
into the blue + seeing double
summer fun + outdoor ottomans
when 2 much space is never enough
Derek and I shot this sleek, enormously gorgeous house for Home Beautiful last summer.
A wonderful family home with 2 girls, 2 Dachshunds and 2 clever parents.
Watermelon anyone?
ttfn Jox

Sunday, November 24, 2013

All-weather outdoor chairs + eco friendly + recycled

Adirondacks (emphasis on the second syllable)
Multi-tasking, all-weather beauties, that reduce landfill! (emphasis on landfill)
Chris from Polywood Outdoors kindly delivered these classics for our Home Beautiful shoot. Of course I fell totally in lust and have placed my Christmas order as not only are they beautiful but they're completely weatherproof, eco friendly and made from recycled materials. Rain, hail or shine they still look good while giving landfill a nudge.

Have a look at The Porch as well, for more of Chris' fabulous outdoor furniture + decor.

Polywood outdoors 
The Porch

ttfn Jo


Friday, November 22, 2013

Sweet, edible gardens

City Pickers
The burgeoning backyard vege patch, chickens softly clucking about
the garden, the shallow wicker basket filled with tomatoes and....
oh god, I'm having that Pottery Barn dream again.
How do you have all of the above, vege + chickens + wicker basket
without it all looking totally feral? Is it possible to have a sustainable
garden that tastes good and looks good?

If you think Felicity Kendal had the Good Life then you haven't met Lisa Harper!
The very clever Lisa, of Akemi Gardens has the sweetest vege patch
in her front garden and the coup de la coup in the back garden...
plus a fluffy white dog to complete the picture.

Gorta Yuki and I shot this lovely garden for Home Beautiful, November issue.

memo to self: leafy greens must cascade from wicker basket
 hello honey, I'm home and I'll be counting the chickens!
 mum, where's the little round sticker?
 neighbour envy, the heavenly vege patch in the front garden
 more neighbour envy...chickens free ranging
 the cubby de coup...those lucky chickens
 the adults playground and produce from the garden
For more clever, economical landscaping ideas visit Akemi Gardens

ttfn jo

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Red & white Christmas decor

 Love getting the cover shot @ xmas, thank you H&G!
A red & white Christmas
Being a died in the wool Swans fan this shoot was a cake walk.
The brief was family friendly, fun and of course use the classic Christmas colours.
Instead of vases on the table I used crisp white paper bags and filled them with tulips and red berries. The apple place card holders are more plastic than juicy but add a simple leaf name tag tied with a ribbon and you'll be excused for not taking a bite.
Red & white spotted crackers, a cute white wooden tree with red birdies and you are set for a classic Christmas.
Looking for great Red & White Christmas décor, try 
Enjoy, Jo