Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decorating with yellow, it's back and it's beautiful

winter at Beechmont 
So pleased to bag the YV&R cover for this beautiful home and garden in Olinda.
Beechmont is a breath taking, 9 acre property- a heady mix of colours, scents,
towering trees, flowers and foliage. The gardens have long been an unforgettable
sensory experience for visitors to the Yarra Ranges.
The 1970's home has recently had a major reno courtesy of the new owner, and Melbourne's most famous florist, Cherrie Miriklis of Flowers Vasette.
I love the design of this room, and its textural rough and smooth combination.
The woven floor rug and chunky knit ottoman ruffle a few smooth surfaces and the turmeric gets a little spicy with the creamy, natural palette.
If you are looking for gorgeous soft furnishings then head over to Indus Design.
Their cushions and throws not only come in beautiful colours and designs but they are also incredibly soft- a 'must have' especially on those cold winter nights in the Ranges!
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  1. hi Jo! Nice to meet you. I agree, a great cover. (I also left a comment on your "greenacre"- would love to see more of your house!