Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper places

Luxe paper & tiles

When I first came to Melbourne, 6 years ago there seemed to be a papered powder room epidemic...nowhere else in the house, just the powder room. Its nice to see wallpaper has emerged from the smallest room in the house and is gracing entire walls! I love the choices here, especially the living room...the bathroom is tiled but couldn't resist including!

If you are thinking paper.... Melbourne has a great array of wallpaper specialists & suppliers. Most papers come from overseas(3-6wks wait) and the average price is apprx $120-$150 p/10mtre roll, depending on the paper & design house. If you have an 'economical' budget start at your local paint shop, you might be surprised at the range of books Mr Dulux has to offer. Heritage Paints at Balwyn have a sensational range for all tastes and budgets plus the staff are very does Port Melbourne Paint & Paper.

All wholesale fabric houses will have a wallpaper range, you are welcome to look but will need a designer to order for you.

Paper Places

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