Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bathroom reno | turning a buffet into a vanity

 Buffet to vanity & beyond the ebay stratosphere

a nip & tuck for a buffet sans hutch
 The old pedestals, wall cabinets, sconces and glass wall shelves were delivered unto the ebay ether and the new basin rests comfortably on the right hand side of the buffet. 
My handyman cut a hole in the benchtop to drop in the basin and consequently we have one dummy drawer..but at 2metres in length, this baby has ample storage, so no drama.
The skirting boards were cut and edged nicely to accommodate the new vanity, new wall scones installed and my 2 old antique gold mirrors were given a lick of hogs bristle quarter strength and carefully hung. Still to finish painting the ceiling and the wet room shower is the next phase of the the reno...can't wait till it arrives.

 The original cabinet purchased from Provincial Home Living

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This one's for you Dermie
Kimmie: What's the difference between a buffalo and a Bison?
Kath: You can't wash your hands in a buffalo, Kimmie.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bathroom reno | replating brass tapware

replate don't replace
Feeling very smug about my new bathroom tapware...oh yes, very smug.

Brassed off
After purchasing new chrome tapware for our clawfoot bath I discovered the tap points 
did not match my existing points on the wall...translating to plumbing cha-ching!
Back to the showroom for a refund and another browse at shiny do-dads.
 Quality old fittings are very $$ to replace, so instead I had them removed, 
including shower tapware and sent off to the replaters - goodbye brass, hello chrome!

before                                                                                  after

 Precision Plating did a fantastic job- and considerably less than replacing. 
You do have to factor in the plumbing cost for removal and it's best to replace the 
divertor shower head & hose(which went straight to ebay) 
It's so nice to know my dear old taps have a new lease of life!
 google replating in your local area or contact: 

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Country cottage style

A Woodend cottage shoot for Home Beautiful's April edition
picture book curb appeal.
just waiting for a friand and a throw rug!
baby, it's cold outside
really...go on, who'd have thought?
 just off to get the or white?
a little Provincial Home Living styling.
sure picked the wrong cat to outstare!
a Vermeer mo, stirring, pouring, looking, looking.

so that's why they call it Woodend?
a functional and pretty little herb roulette.
excuse me, I think you have the wrong room?
vertical weatherboards...perfect!
details, details, details.
pressed metal, laundry envy.
more laundry envy.
off to the studio without me?
living room door leading to the fab studio.
a place to sit or maybe climb a ladder?
or have a nap before...
hitting the workshop.
Annie @ Botanica Flowers, keeping busy as per usual.

aawwggh, a ppppurrrfect place for a catnap

Thank you to the lovely, talented Annie Morrison. 
When she is not renovating cottages in the Macedon Ranges
she is very busy creating floral arrangements for 
weddings, parties or just about anything.
Botanica Flowers