Friday, May 31, 2013

Bathroom makeover | showers on timber floors

from shower tardis to vintage wetroom
Hazaar! a shower base that looks fab on a timber floored bathroom

Loving my walk-in wetroom shower from Reece Bathrooms
Carriage towel rack from my home away from home, Schots
The shower cubicle before - note where toilet isn't anymore!

tres tray challenging was le quest to find a shower base that would suit a timber floor. The standard option being the white cubicle tray, which is fine if you like a transparent tardis. The solution, after much searching was the Reece walk-in wetroom, 
with the aromatic cedar (pass me the birch twigs) insert mat.
Subway tiling (best value rating) and the newly replated tapware create that neo-vintage aesthetic..something old, something new, something borrowed, something periwinkle?

FYI: is a must for renovators. 
Loads of ideas plus you can create your own ideas notebook for reference.

Stay posted for the final images in the bathroom makeover...
meanwhile I'm off to find some birch branches in the garden

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to roast chestnuts

chestnuts roasting on an open fire...hhhmmm

chestnut roasting + buy or diy roaster 
harvesting fallen, spikey little green chestnut tufts from our garden in late April requires heavy duty gloves...they is mean and nasty before they emerge like shiny brown jewels.
Once they have been collected leave them until the pods split- its easiest to prise open the green shells with your feet (shoes essential) to extract the chestnuts.
scoring the skin before roasting is essential. Using a sharp knife or scalpel, score the skin with a cross marking (note x split on roasting chestnuts) this prevents exploding chestnut bombs during cooking.
roasting is easy, according to my Italian girlfriend, Caterina. Her father fashioned a chestnut roaster, many years ago (which she still uses) from an old frypan and a drill. I didn't have an old frypan, or a Calabrian father but did have the internet and hey presto, 2 days later there was my CR waiting comfortably at the front door...begging for a roasting.
The firepit and new roaster (pictured) were put to work and the results were fantastic. We tried sweet cinnamon and salty chestnuts, both yummy. Highly recommend roasting over an open fire, so much tastier than oven roasted, just ask Caterina, it was all her idea!

online roasters $30 available from bbqaroma 
diy roasters you will need an frypan + drill set

( nb. the size and amount of holes in the pic for reference )

happy roasting :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Autumn gardens in the Ranges

just walkin the dog(s)

 wait for it Ruby, on your mark, get ready.....
GO...wait a minute where's Ted?
 wait for me, wait for me, wait for me
Ted, deep in thought and autumn leaves.
 following the trail home.
 are we there yet?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bathroom makeover | painting a clawfoot bath

the clawfoot bath gets a makeover

Before                                                                  After

The burgundy & gold on the post modern (ie acrylic) clawfoot bath
were always gawn as a newly minted parent in a Downton manor.  After a few calls to pro spray painters I decided that the $600 could be put to better use and, as I was not terribly attached to our post modern (i.e. acrylic) clawfoot bath I would paint it myself!
exterior base
The exterior base of the bath was given a coat of triple prep (surface paint glue) and then a few coats of oil based enamel, in tiffaney-ish blue with a mini roller. Contortion cramps and paint fumes aside I'm well pleased with the colour.
Searching, searching on ebay for clawfeet and found a whole shoe rack at the Schots ebay store...EUREKA, says I, but my sensible twin told me to make enquires re feet and fit 
before hitting 'buy it now'. BUGGA one size does NOT fit all, so it's back to the 
hardware store pour moi for more strong paint.  
Changing the colour of the feet was a Goldilocks process.The first foot trial was an attempt at a bronzey look, to match our door hardware. Black and brown enamel mini pots were purchased to paint what eventually looked like dirty hobbits feet. Too Golim. Next came hogs bristle trotters. Too creamy against the honey floor. Then methinks silver enamel and goodbye Goldilocks, hello gorgeous and its just right! Loving the silver and looks authentic if you are slightly myopic. Perfick!

Stay posted for the series finale
Shower bases that work with a timber bathroom floor!

Oh yes, it can be done and look good, trust me I've done the research when 
not obsessing over Downton and Game of Thrones.