Monday, February 20, 2012

Decor Advice...needed!


Thoroughly Modern if

Somerton, the weatherboard majestic is slowly but surely getting totally layered!
No minimal decorating for me, no sir..I want layers and lots of em.
Three new pieces this weekend... 
something old, nothing borrowed & somethings new!

1. The new Coffee table:
A sofa without a coffee table is like sitting on the edge of a very steep precipice,
that icky feeling you're going to fall into the abyss, or in our case the fireplace.
Our new CT has just the right amount of rustic charm without the gingham overload.

2. The new floor rug:
Oh sooo happy with this cool grey, patchwork pony, it was love at first
sight and I was so sure it would work that I didnt even enquire about their 

return policy!  Coffee table and rug doing very nicely and husband is well pleased

3. The ebay round table
This arrived on Saturday morning and was a steal at $80, shame I didnt steal
a van to get it here. It's perfect and certainly nicer than its ebay portrait
HOWEVER, I need advice- the original plan was to buy a fancy white table for
MUCH more cha-ching but finding the 'right white' was too hello ebay
and 1/4 strength Hogs bristle
. The table is purely decorative so will not
get a lot of wear from diners and
there is an out of shot, different type of timber
fireplace in the room..a little voice keeps saying "never mix your metals or timbers"

YES or No to painting the round table, pic 3?
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or shoot me an email


Sofa from Sofas Direct 
Floor rug & coffee table from


  1. From your photo the table looks lovely and I wouldn't paint it, however, you mention there is 'another type of timber' fireplace in the same room. I think once you start introducing a number of different types of wood to the same room it can turn the space into an eye sore (depending on the look you are trying to achieve).

    You already have quite a few different timbers in the space (ie. floor, dining table, round table, fireplace, coffee table, legs of Eames chair) ... so by painting the table 'white', it will give the room a fresher, clean, more modern feel ... like you have already achieved with the plantation shutters and the clean lines of the white island bench.

    My vote is to paint it (maybe even a brighter colour if you are game!)... especially if it will only serve as a decorative piece.

    I love the patchwork pony!!

    1. Before the coffee table arrived we called it "the room with no purpose" -the original owners used it as a dining room however we felt it a bit too 'intimate'.
      Another vote was to leave the table as is and lose the light sucking floor rug...maybe I need another pony for the stable?

      enjoying the UK?

    2. not the coffee table..the ebay table!

  2. I like the wood color, especially in the entrance hall (that's where it is, right?)
    And you can always paint it later if it is driving you crazy.

    I like the coffee table and rug. So glad you won't fall into the abyss now.

  3. I vote for the paint, and I like the idea of a more interesting color (or perhaps pattern?) than just white. It's been done.

  4. I love the couch. Where did you get it from?

    1. Sofas Direct in Hawthorn :)

  5. Paint the base only.

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