Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

During & After....forgot to take a Before!

Use your imagnation and think burgundy walls & yellow trim
Walls are painted in Quarry with 1/4 strength Hogs bristle trim
original vinyl floral wallpaper stripped, timber doors undercoated
James Dunlop wallpaper 'Shade', colour: Eau de nil
Doors & trim painted
Bedside detail with Angus & Celeste vase(from santa)

fyi: the bedroom pendant light is going, going..almost gone

Hope you like it
Jo x

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Painting a weatherboard house

Bless me,
It's been months since my last blog session, I accuse myself of...

1. Forsaking play for an unseasonally heavy workload.

2. Blind devotion to the Red & White, especially guernsey no.37...woo hoo!
3. Failure to understand or solve teenage angst.
4. Oh and a slight addiction to house paint?

The transfiguration of Somerton

 Burgundy begone, hello Brimstone grey, natural white and black accents.

Still to paint that guttering...professionals methinks?

 A black door...finally.

 I love our wild strawberries, absolutley rampent in the hills and so pretty.

 My favourite new purchase..the nursery display table right 
outside our Kitchen doors
  13 standard black pots filled with alyssum around a large tub of lettuce.

Stay posted for more transformations.