About Me

I moved to the very livable Melbourne in 2005 but removalists left my heart, in a clearly labelled box on our front veranda in Sydney. Still searching, found a bit of it in leafy Mont Albert and now looking for clues in Olinda, our very own little greenacre... it's the place to be!
In a previous life I was the Creative Director of Australian 
House & Garden magazine and now I freelance as a stylist or 
a house stalker, according to a former H&G colleague.
When I'm not stalking home owners, I'm dreaming about renovating Somerton, the weatherboard majestic, and get rich really quick schemes.
Possums, king parrots and wile foxes share my new home along with a music loving Irishman, a redhaired teenageress and two hounds.
If you have a slight cushion compulsion... I'm listening.