Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinterest for teens

pritti grafitti and other total teen issues

Some things just dont change - teenagers + torn edged posters + blu tack will always be like, total bffs. A few years ago, my pre-teen daughter asked if she could...inhale...poster her bedroom wall. I like Mylie Cyrus AND Hanna Montana...I do but my achy breaky heart couldn't cope with a sticky, tacky wall so before she had time to flick through Girlfriend I had dynabolted* a Liberty print covered canvas to the wall and said "Sure, great get the pins and I'll put away the blu-tack"
Now that she is a little older I have taken a keen interest in her wall pinterest, not only content but the amazing design she has thoughtfully created- it's girlie grafitti, a colourful, visual art form for teen interiors. Harry Potter, John Lennon, Skipper & Scooter give new meaning to 'mixed media', blending retro with popular culture. 

Does your teenager have a wall full of posters and a floor full of magazines ?
Care to share? I'm on the hunt for graphic teen walls and would love to feature some teen pinterest on my blog. If you have a clever (aren't they all though?) teenager with an inspiring wall creation then follow the prompts...
1) For inspiration visit Teen Bedroom Decor
2) Take a digital image of your teenagers creation, save as a jpg 
3) Click on and send to

I'm excited...get clicking and clean up that mess!

ttfn Jo

*Dynabolt: an expansion anchor with an integrated pulldown section for improved fixture clamping.....actually I lied, the husband did the dynabolting

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Classic, vintage rooms + trade secrets

The lovely Mr Bishop shares....

Who is Justin Bishop?
I AM AN INTERIOR DESIGNER, a photographer, an illustrator, an author and above all, a Stylist! The majority of my work is based  on residential projects for private clients, however I'm being called upon more and more to work as a commercial stylist in the corporate sector, for visual displays editorial and advertising.
I am known for my timeless aesthetic, my aversion to colour and my dislike of 
decorative trends. I have been called an anti-modernist. I have a passion for classic, vintage style and design! 

What's your decorating style at home?
I have been influenced by my country ancestral heritage and this comes through heavily in my home decorating style. I believe that style is simple, that it should be only what it needs to be,  nothing more nothing less. I do however, have an obsession with controlled clutter; my hoard of antiques, including many family heirlooms, are displayed in vignettes all around my home. I couldn't live without them. I work mostly with neutral colour schemes which provide the perfect backdrop for all my collections.

Styling tips for when you have guests?
I'M ALL ABOUT CLASSIC STYLING. I entertain as my ancestors may have have done, with cut glass chandeliers sparkling in candlelight, stacks of leather bound books displayed amongst vintage crockery and other historic curiosities to add some eclectic flair and to spark conversation. I tend to avoid flowers and other typical decorations in favour of original pieces and interesting objects that tell a story and create a elegant traditional atmosphere.

Cushion fiend or phobic?
I LOVE CUSHIONS AND ROTATE THEM SEASNALLY - Soft cream linens in summer and heavy corduroy and velvet in winter. I use cushions to build up layers in a room. For me, they should form part of a whole design rather than acting as stand out detail. Cushions should subtly add style to a room, they may add warmth and comfort but should not overpower.

Where do you shop for your furnishings?
I HAVE A FEW REGULAR HAUNTS THAT I CAN'T AVOID. Antique markets are invaluable if you have the time to saunter and sift through the trash, in order to find your treasure! 
Being a designer, in the industry, I am constantly exposed to new products that come up in the retail market. I am always tempted to pick up a great reproduction piece, many of them are gorgeous, however I try to stick to my preference for the old, the time warn and authentic! Using pieces with  history and age, will always add character to a room, adding a genuine sense of timeless style  and classic tradition.

Jo x

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Does your home reflect your personality?

Is Balwyn calling?
The dramatic colours of autumn are almost as striking as the architectural street
scape of Balwyn. Tudor manors, with lovely gentle gardens sit sweetly next to
imposing modern minimalists, with rows of graphic greenery and somehow they get along very nicely, who knew?
Homes are such a personality giveaway - I love comfortable, older homes that are a little bit shabby round the edges. I don't own a decent hairbrush but I do have Bissell petwash powerbrush? Clean carpet V sleek do...I think I need to get out more or maybe let the dogs out more?
Do you dress like you decorate?
I also have a theory that women dress like they decorate, I know I you?
Soft edges, a muted lime & linen colour palette, a few modern pieces mixed with my mums standard lamps, sans quilted, bobble shade...add some daisies and a sheepdog and hello Doris Day.

What's your style? 
If you had to pick a famous personality that reflects your dress & decor style who or what would it be?  C'mon humour me, I would love to hear your theory.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fast track to success, write down your goals

My first story in print

I'm directionally challenged, my counting up isn't that good and if you need to be at the right venue for an U14 soccer match or on a flight home from a weekend away in the same month you departed, then I'm not your first port of call.

However what I do very well is set long term goals. Set goals AND somehow manage to achieve them? If only I could do that with my finances, but that's the downside of having a brain that leans heavily to the functional, not political, right.

Two years ago I decided that a long term goal was to have more creative control over my editorial submissions to lifestyle magazines ie. style the images AND write the story, so I enrolled in an online writing course with the Sydney Writers Centre with the very clever Valerie Khoo. Course completed and a few months later all my BIG ideas seem to vanish....or so I thought?

Winter maybe cold in the Ranges but it has been very kind to me thanks to the Yarra Valley & Ranges magazine. Two submissions accepted and published!

Country Gate posts images + captions
Maple Muse images + story (1,000 words, what I even counted up!)

Thank you Valerie and Yarra Valley & Ranges.

The Winter edition of the YV&R mag is in newsagents NOW!

ttfn Jo