Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Handmade & Recycled home decor


The nature strip

create gorgeous stuff like this..I mean, c'mon why can't my fingers and
apposable thumb whittle a tree segment coffee table on caster wheels. Where
else can I rest my lime wedges? 
Darryn Treacy, homeowner and all round artisan is not just talented he also has
a discerning eye for good design and a bargain! Handmade tables, floorlamps, sideboards, fruit bowls (and not a driftwood sculpture in sight, p h e w ) are crafted from natural materials and retain a purity of form adding texture and warmth to a contemporary space. 
When he is not looking to nature for inspiration he is probably looking over your nature strip during the festival of the 'hard rubbish'. The classic Brazilian burn't orange Lafer chairs were resting comfortably on the side of the road before being rescued and restored by Darryn..and the 60's style chairs on the decking were an Op shop find...
oh, he's good, really good!

For more on the amazing Darryn have a look at this months Home Beautiful
it's the handmade special..who knew? And if you love the patchwork cushions
(also handmade, but not by Darryn)on the op shop chairs check out Igloo and 
the lovely Elizabeth on facebook.

happy nature stripping
ttfn Jo

Photography | Derek Swalwell

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