Monday, February 11, 2013

70's reno

here's the story of a lovely lady...

and she was bringing up two really lovely girls (and 2 boys)

It's a wonderful story, over many different levels and beautifully
decorated, by the lovely Mimi Kwa with a nod to the 70's
AND a shared Brady Bunch bathroom for the kids.

Here's their story plus more in the March issue of Home Beautiful.

The Den. Was that the doorbell? Like far out it's Davy Jones!
More watermelon please, Alice. :)
 Sam & Alice must have left via the tradesmans entrance.
  The lovely lady herself...after a word to Jan, again!
   Gather round children..Tigers gone missing!
another level, and a place to sit and be groovy.
Up, up, up to all the Brady pre bedtime squabbles
aaawwwgggh...wait a minute, where's Marcia?
the shared really does exist!
Who needs double bunks when you have a room with a view!

Stay tuned
and see just how really lovely and clever Mimi is! 

photography by: Derek Swalwell

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