Friday, May 31, 2013

Bathroom makeover | showers on timber floors

from shower tardis to vintage wetroom
Hazaar! a shower base that looks fab on a timber floored bathroom

Loving my walk-in wetroom shower from Reece Bathrooms
Carriage towel rack from my home away from home, Schots
The shower cubicle before - note where toilet isn't anymore!

tres tray challenging was le quest to find a shower base that would suit a timber floor. The standard option being the white cubicle tray, which is fine if you like a transparent tardis. The solution, after much searching was the Reece walk-in wetroom, 
with the aromatic cedar (pass me the birch twigs) insert mat.
Subway tiling (best value rating) and the newly replated tapware create that neo-vintage aesthetic..something old, something new, something borrowed, something periwinkle?

FYI: is a must for renovators. 
Loads of ideas plus you can create your own ideas notebook for reference.

Stay posted for the final images in the bathroom makeover...
meanwhile I'm off to find some birch branches in the garden

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