Monday, May 12, 2014

The spare room you really need!

Home Beautiful April issue
picture perfect glamper van + all weather adirondack
 is it a teen retreat?
  a study or soho maybe?
 what about a sewing room?
  or a place to kick off your shoes and relax :)
The glamper van...aawwgh I want one
 Originally designed as Shepherds huts in Europe ( the Mr Ed door keeps the shepherd
half warm while he keeps an eye on the whole flock) these bespoke beauties are all the rage in the UK for alternative camping holidays or as the spare room you suddenly
realised you just can't live without.
Banish teenagers, write your memoirs or create a set of family pantaloons from
those old drapes- the possibilities are endless!
Some huts even come with a kitchenette and bathroom!
All the gorgeous décor in the hut comes from Metisse, in Olinda and the lime adirondack is from Polywood outdoors. The huts are handcrafted by Blackdown Shepherds Huts in Monbulk and Caroline, the owner of the business loves a chat and can tell you so much more about these custom made beauties.
ttfn Jox


  1. Love this concept and the photos are beautiful...nice to see you posting again!

    1. Hello Candlewick 5- nice to hear from you. Will be working full time soon so will have to make a special effort to post! jx