Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Doily Spoiler

  Doily 101
I have a stash of lacey tablecloths and doilies courtesy of
St VdeP and I love finding new ways to put them anywhere but under a vase 
in the Good Room(affectionately referred to as 'The Delta' by a friend)
The sweet Doily balloon is from The Shady Fig, a heavenly florist shop in 
my favourite place in the world...the Fibro town, the not-quite-a-city, 
the end of the railway line and my beautiful south- 
you'll have to ask Allison Tait she loves the place too!

When is a doily not a doily?
 When it's a beautiful balloon.
When it's an almost finished, handmade vest. (sorry, Aisie)
When it's dipped in paint and used for printing on canvas.
When the little lace work is cut up to make pictures..aawwgghh

enjoy, ttfn Jo

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