Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ruby red decor accents + living the dream

At the laptop in high waisted shorts and backless halter top, my nine inch,
fire engine red nails are clacking and qwertying away furiously while the
ice slowly melts in my Gn't highball ....I reach over to the crystal art ashtray 
to stub out the smouldering ruby ringed cigarette and my bauble laden
charm bracelet catches the light and I'm momentarily blinded...
I open my eyes and I'm shocked, utterly shocked to see that my high 
waisted shorts have morphed into tracky pants and the halter top suddenly 
feels cloying and suspiciously like polar fleece?

One day, oh yes..one day I will be Dorothy Lamour and swan about 
this divine house in a ruby red lipstick that perfectly matches 
my cushions, fingernails and ciggie stubs.

Enjoy the Lamour tour, courtesy of the talented Lorna Wallace  

classic white indoor | outdoor dining

awwgh pretty + clever indoor, outdoor visual

 lippy cushions | vintage rug | garden backdrop

 vintage trunk side table + atlas, in case you get lost

celadon green + musk pink with ruby red accent

Anyone for a bike ride?

ttfn Jo 

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