Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

During & After....forgot to take a Before!

Use your imagnation and think burgundy walls & yellow trim
Walls are painted in Quarry with 1/4 strength Hogs bristle trim
original vinyl floral wallpaper stripped, timber doors undercoated
James Dunlop wallpaper 'Shade', colour: Eau de nil
Doors & trim painted
Bedside detail with Angus & Celeste vase(from santa)

fyi: the bedroom pendant light is going, going..almost gone

Hope you like it
Jo x


  1. Hydrangeas in gorgeous vase - check
    Pearls - check
    shopping bag from homewares store - check
    draped throw - check
    multitude of cushions - ???
    Next pic with new light and more cus-whans and a joey draped in throw please.

    1. That light!!
      Its goin straight to ebay as soon as I get Mick the Electrick back - check!