Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Outside Room Makeover

Paint, paving & potted colour
Buttercup walls soon to be gone...just a matter of time and lots of it.

oh dear, before :(

Step-by-step (pun intended)
The foundations, its almost winter and ccccold!

Crazy paving, blue flagstones & bluestone tiling for walls, still cold.

Arrival of the plants under strict supervision, warming up slightly.

Just when you thought the box hedge was passe...it LIKES the cold
NB: almost around the corner with black rail conversion

The xlarge copper pot, used to turn chocolate at Cadburys ready for potted colour.
Not melting but have packed away the thermals.

Sweet little violets from our garden used for base planting..tres economical
Note December dappled sunlight!

Detail of lower staircase and 'Cleveland Select' Ornamental Pear tree 
with ring of English box, sunning itself.
Setting up a day bed, while the sun is still out and about.

View from the top.

Dog tired post landscaping and xmas festivities.

Landscape design: 
The Desired Effect
Brett Blundell 

ttfn, Jox


  1. can't wait to come over for a barbie, although concerned that cadbury can no longer make chocolate.
    Good luck with the painting, sounds like a fun summer for you (that is not sarcasm). x

    1. two squares of Cadbury dairy milk at the end of an evening and my day is complete! OMG must stockpile now that they are down a choc pot!

  2. Beautiful landscaping and I love the black trim and your four legged friend!