Thursday, April 25, 2013

Country cottage style

A Woodend cottage shoot for Home Beautiful's April edition
picture book curb appeal.
just waiting for a friand and a throw rug!
baby, it's cold outside
really...go on, who'd have thought?
 just off to get the or white?
a little Provincial Home Living styling.
sure picked the wrong cat to outstare!
a Vermeer mo, stirring, pouring, looking, looking.

so that's why they call it Woodend?
a functional and pretty little herb roulette.
excuse me, I think you have the wrong room?
vertical weatherboards...perfect!
details, details, details.
pressed metal, laundry envy.
more laundry envy.
off to the studio without me?
living room door leading to the fab studio.
a place to sit or maybe climb a ladder?
or have a nap before...
hitting the workshop.
Annie @ Botanica Flowers, keeping busy as per usual.

aawwggh, a ppppurrrfect place for a catnap

Thank you to the lovely, talented Annie Morrison. 
When she is not renovating cottages in the Macedon Ranges
she is very busy creating floral arrangements for 
weddings, parties or just about anything.
Botanica Flowers

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