Friday, April 26, 2013

Bathroom reno | replating brass tapware

replate don't replace
Feeling very smug about my new bathroom tapware...oh yes, very smug.

Brassed off
After purchasing new chrome tapware for our clawfoot bath I discovered the tap points 
did not match my existing points on the wall...translating to plumbing cha-ching!
Back to the showroom for a refund and another browse at shiny do-dads.
 Quality old fittings are very $$ to replace, so instead I had them removed, 
including shower tapware and sent off to the replaters - goodbye brass, hello chrome!

before                                                                                  after

 Precision Plating did a fantastic job- and considerably less than replacing. 
You do have to factor in the plumbing cost for removal and it's best to replace the 
divertor shower head & hose(which went straight to ebay) 
It's so nice to know my dear old taps have a new lease of life!
 google replating in your local area or contact: 

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  1. i'm looking forward to the article 'Forget the nature strip, lose your old bathroom tat on ebay.' i think i experienced that process in the making ;) the taps look great. can't wait to see what colour the bath is! :o

  2. Why did you replace the brass plating? But it still is the same fixture, yes? I tried picturing the brass plated faucet together with your bathtub and it looks just fine. But each to their own, I guess. I love that you have some sort of rack so that you can read while taking a nice, long dip in the tub.

    H Itzkowitz @ GrunerBrass