Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Floating bookshelf

 the almost finished cable knit becomes quite the 'must have' styling item
need the spectaculars to read the crochet bible

Magazine sculpture
I LOVE vertically stacking the endless homeware bibles on a wall looks sensational and is functional when next to a well loved reading chair! 
I hacked borrowed the idea from a floating bookshelf gizmo that, unfortunately is
not available in Oz.

diy floating books stacks
Get yourself to the hardware store and pick up some L-shaped brackets( you can see mine if you peek underneath the stacks) plus the appropriate fastening screws.
Make sure you keep in mind the type of wall you are working on eg. plaster walls
require a special type of fastener as they crumble easily, which is not great for 
supporting a stack of books!
Measure up the length of the mag/books then position the brackets to allow the stack

to centre- in my excitment I forgot about the overhang each side of the bracket and
had to start again...but first ,a little polyfilla.
I made stacks tall enough to cover the vertical part of the bracket as I did not want

to tempt fate with skyscraping towers.

Have fun & if you have any Q&A...I'm listening!

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