Thursday, December 15, 2011

HOW TO open a homewares boutique

Great tips + advice from Andrea @ Maple

Maple is...Ever changing accessories for yourself or your home..and a great place to meet friends for coffee or lunch.

What's your decorating style at home?
My style at home is British Colonial, think India Hicks with a good dose of Bunny Williams.

A signature decor piece you couldn't live wihout?
Persian rugs, they go with everything and last forever. At the moment I'm layering kilims for a more modern, casual look.

Styling tips for when you have guests?
Always have a gorgeous scented candle burning in the entrance. For summer I love Montego Bay or India Hicks Casurina..for christmas nothing beats C&E Noel.
On the table I like to use an assortment of vintage jars & vases filled with anything to hand..the weedier the better- herbs look and smell great. 
For a formal look I use my collection of silver teapots filled with garden roses and herbs..
fyi If you are not a good cook make sure the table looks stunning!

Cushion fiend or phobic?
Definately a lover. "Never knowingly under cushion"
They are the most economical way to update a room. Being a blue + white girl at heart, I add red, pink or yellow depending on the season. Now my children are bigger, I can really go to town on the cushions as they have stopped the pillow fighting. I still spend my life plumping though!

Any advice for people starting a homewares business?
Research, research, research!
How will you be different/better/more interesting than what is on offer. A good position is very important. If you are opening a store front choose a theme/style and stick to it- you can't be everything to everyone.

I love Maple homewares and regularly use their products when styling houses for H&G
pop in or visit online, it's hard to leave empty handed.
If you mention "never knowingly under cushion" you'll get a coffee on the house! 
ttfn Jo

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