Sunday, December 18, 2011


Cushion Safari....awww!
Congrats to Fiona Peel for her very cute, creative cluster of cushions...those BTc. cushions will be winging their way to you very soon.... but not before a bit of Q&A.

What do you do.. now, or in a former life before children?
In my sleep deprived state I don't recall a life before kids! 
Now when I have a few minutes I:
Bake (recipes with chocolate)

Read (flick the ipad for design sites and the news)
Photograph cushions.

You are obviously a cushion fiend, care to elaborate?
I love them because they bring a sofa or bed to life adding pattern, drama and colour. 
Oh, and they make you more comfy too!

Decorating tips to share?
Spine bookcases are great for stacking discarded cushions from the bed at night....funnily enough Edward Cullen prefers books in his spine bookcase.
Also good storage is a must for hiding extra 'stuff' when people come over.

Thank you to everyone who entered..I have sent a lot of the images through to 
House & Garden - the Ed. team were very impressed! 

Stay posted for more challenges, prizes + great decorating tips!

Have a fab festive season
Jo x

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