Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time Worn Style

Blousy Vintage meets Industrial chic,
and they lived happily everafter.....who knew?

Alicia of TIME WORN STYLE, Olinda neighbour + soon 
to be featured in COUNTRY STYLE, shares some advice 
about candelabras, online decor and foxing?

What's your decorating style at home?
Years ago I was shabby chic pure and simple but have found my own style. At a pinch you could say Modern Country with a bit of Industrial thrown in, rococo influences, french provincial in another room. Yes a time worn style mix of my own ~ elegance with some harder edges!

A signature d├ęcor piece you can't live without? 
I love the huge Antique mirror I have leaning against the wall in the front room. It has just the right amount of foxing on the mirror and makes such an impact in any room its in. Old, ornate and time worn just the way I love it and it would work in any room, even a bathroom!

Any styling tips or tricks for when you have guests?
Keep it simple and don't clutter up the table. I always love a large candelabra in the middle of a table as it makes the simplest of meals grand.

Cushion fiend or phobic?
LOVE cushions and love old fabrics so turning them into cushions is a natural progression as they make great accent pieces in any room. You can change your whole decor around just by changing the cushions I've found especially if you have a neutral backdrop. I will actually be starting a new line of cushions this year using my huge stash of old ornate fabrics. Feather inserts, nice squishy and elegant. 

Any advice for people starting up an online business?
Don't be scared of using the computer, treat it as  friend not a foe. Branch out into social media ~ Facebook, twitter, pinterest, blogging and have a real presence on line if that is where your sales are. Its a tool to use that can be great fun too and you can link up with other fellow business people on line which is a great support for your own business.

Pop in, say hello..enjoy a cuppa in the finest china!

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