Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goosedown Deluxe Giveaway

Best dressed beds
Which personality type are you?

Having spent my youth in an all girl Catholic boarding school I can't possibly leave 
the house without making the bed or eat fishcakes on friday. I'm also not into 
full fat pillows, they’re a pain in the C7 so next time we go holidaying up the coast 
the skinny flatty is coming too.

Unfortunately my sad, skinny runway model of a pillow looks like it has passed out on 

the bed after its made so, for the sake of aestheics I have a stash of fuller figured feather bags ...nothing says deluxe comfort like a plus sized pillow!

Arranging pillows on a bed is not only a skill it's another category on the Myers Briggs test. Do you layer symmetrically + vertically, stacking until the final mini bling cushion (entj) or opt for the asymmetrical look, one side vertical the other horizontal (esnp) or do you just throw them on the bed overarm like my husband (meh)

And what of bedlinen- are you a smooth or crunchy? Crisp sheets and tucked in 
blankets or feathery doonas? Personally I'm a doona fan, the chameleon of bedland 
plus I like shaking them in that big, slow way to get all the little recalcitrant feathers 
back up the other end!

Next to mint slices, there is something delicious about a freshly made bed and in a perfect world there would be a 'just made bed' force field repelling bouncing children, jumping dogs and husbands putting on socks.

Are you a self made bed fan?

1. Can you walk out the door without attempting to make the bed?
2. Does trampolining on a freshly made bed fill you with pure joy?
3. Are there less than 2 pillows on your bed once made?
4. Is a 'hospital corner' a place for naughty sick people?
5. Bedruffle, Bedlam and Bedazzle are all types of fitted sheets?

If you answered NO to any of the above stay posted for the next styling challenge 
and the Pillow Places Giveaway!

For beautiful bedlinen online go to 

 ttfn Jo

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  1. Hi Jo! oh don't get me started on bed linen I love It!!
    too many layers on mine need to get rid of some cushions for sure