Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Country gate post 1

Country gate spotto
When a city door closes a country gate opens

Before moving to our little greenacre I was a multi-tasking, power walking house sourcing stylist with a suburban diploma in footpath small talk.."wanna mow mine too"  haw haw. 
Sadly now, in the ranges my small talk skills are falling on the muffed ears of the lawn riders and the only way I can walk & source these days is with a telescope and a loudspeaker, which is a bit tricky as we don’t have either. However as my mother always said ‘who put the empty milk carton back in the fridge”  "think outside the square" so I did just that and discovered the joys of walking and garden gate spotting. 
Here are a few gems I trampled past today, enjoy your walk in the ranges.

fyi the last pic is our house and if you keep walking you'll come to my favourite gate 
ttfn Jo


  1. Is a gate half-open or half-closed?

    1. Depends if you are in the city or not and thank you for your insightful comment Seanog