Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just white?


there's white... and then there's white
Nothing like a treechange and a greenacre to make you fall in love with hogs bristle 
all over again. Vintage homes + warm whites are made for each other, just ask 
Adelaide Bragg, interior designer and master of the warm, not fresh palette.

We shot Adelaides house for H&G and I have to admit I was  insanely jealous mildly envious of her gorgeous, yet slightly imperfect home in Prahran.
Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide not only is the house dreamy she also has two 
adorable boys, a cute scrappy dog AND she makes really nice soup...but you know, 
who doesn't make soup?

The bedroom & ensuite were my favourite creamy rooms. In the ensuite, Adelaide had made a natural linen floor-to-ceiling curtain to section off her robe from the wet area which unfortunately was not only beautiful but cleverly economic...the idea, not the fabric as Im sure it was Colefax & Fowler which is only beautiful, never economic!

As I opened the front door to my house that afternoon I dusted off the Bernina, made soup and vowed & declared that I would never be cool white again, evah!  

If you love sophisticated, relaxed family living with a little bit of traditional English styling, you'll love Adelaides work...take a peek.

 ttfn, Jo

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