Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinterest for teens

pritti grafitti and other total teen issues

Some things just dont change - teenagers + torn edged posters + blu tack will always be like, total bffs. A few years ago, my pre-teen daughter asked if she could...inhale...poster her bedroom wall. I like Mylie Cyrus AND Hanna Montana...I do but my achy breaky heart couldn't cope with a sticky, tacky wall so before she had time to flick through Girlfriend I had dynabolted* a Liberty print covered canvas to the wall and said "Sure, great get the pins and I'll put away the blu-tack"
Now that she is a little older I have taken a keen interest in her wall pinterest, not only content but the amazing design she has thoughtfully created- it's girlie grafitti, a colourful, visual art form for teen interiors. Harry Potter, John Lennon, Skipper & Scooter give new meaning to 'mixed media', blending retro with popular culture. 

Does your teenager have a wall full of posters and a floor full of magazines ?
Care to share? I'm on the hunt for graphic teen walls and would love to feature some teen pinterest on my blog. If you have a clever (aren't they all though?) teenager with an inspiring wall creation then follow the prompts...
1) For inspiration visit Teen Bedroom Decor
2) Take a digital image of your teenagers creation, save as a jpg 
3) Click on and send to

I'm excited...get clicking and clean up that mess!

ttfn Jo

*Dynabolt: an expansion anchor with an integrated pulldown section for improved fixture clamping.....actually I lied, the husband did the dynabolting

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