Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fast track to success, write down your goals

My first story in print

I'm directionally challenged, my counting up isn't that good and if you need to be at the right venue for an U14 soccer match or on a flight home from a weekend away in the same month you departed, then I'm not your first port of call.

However what I do very well is set long term goals. Set goals AND somehow manage to achieve them? If only I could do that with my finances, but that's the downside of having a brain that leans heavily to the functional, not political, right.

Two years ago I decided that a long term goal was to have more creative control over my editorial submissions to lifestyle magazines ie. style the images AND write the story, so I enrolled in an online writing course with the Sydney Writers Centre with the very clever Valerie Khoo. Course completed and a few months later all my BIG ideas seem to vanish....or so I thought?

Winter maybe cold in the Ranges but it has been very kind to me thanks to the Yarra Valley & Ranges magazine. Two submissions accepted and published!

Country Gate posts images + captions
Maple Muse images + story (1,000 words, what I even counted up!)

Thank you Valerie and Yarra Valley & Ranges.

The Winter edition of the YV&R mag is in newsagents NOW!

ttfn Jo


  1. That is so exciting...congrats on setting a goal and attaining it!!