Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Does your home reflect your personality?

Is Balwyn calling?
The dramatic colours of autumn are almost as striking as the architectural street
scape of Balwyn. Tudor manors, with lovely gentle gardens sit sweetly next to
imposing modern minimalists, with rows of graphic greenery and somehow they get along very nicely, who knew?
Homes are such a personality giveaway - I love comfortable, older homes that are a little bit shabby round the edges. I don't own a decent hairbrush but I do have Bissell petwash powerbrush? Clean carpet V sleek do...I think I need to get out more or maybe let the dogs out more?
Do you dress like you decorate?
I also have a theory that women dress like they decorate, I know I you?
Soft edges, a muted lime & linen colour palette, a few modern pieces mixed with my mums standard lamps, sans quilted, bobble shade...add some daisies and a sheepdog and hello Doris Day.

What's your style? 
If you had to pick a famous personality that reflects your dress & decor style who or what would it be?  C'mon humour me, I would love to hear your theory.


  1. My dress and decor used to be similar - goth.

    Now however I would say my dress is more rockabilly/slightly goth/arty
    and my home is...well no particular style to be honest. Natural tones in the lounge, master bedroom and kitchen/eating. Kids rooms are decorated to their liking.

    1. Would love to see a Goth decorated house..that could be really beautiful.
      Our theatre room is painted black with gunmetal grey + black wallpaper..thats about as dark as I have gone in the house

      Thanks for your reply

  2. You know I have recently started dressing the way I decorate. I used to use a lot of vintage fabrics and bold colours in my house (navy, mustard yellow, coral, orange) but my wardrobe was all grey. Recently I've started bringing these brighter tones into my wardrobe as well. Sometimes I even plan an outfit around a combination I've seen in an interior! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. Hi Anna,
      At the moment both my wardrobe and home are a kind of quarry, stone blamange with a little chatreuese accent!! I wear black sometimes(as one does in Melb)..a bit like our home theatre room..just one room in the house, only.


  3. Sorry reading through your posts and have to agree with this theory. My home is all pale blue,Navy,white and black and lo and behold my wardrobe reflects this in spades! Who knew!