Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Outdoors

Love Chinese lanterns, economical and cute
 Trevor, the papier mache reindeer busy in the garden
a firepit, lanterns and an upturned nursery crate for the g'nts
fa la la la
 Our greenacre, in Olinda is a wonderful place to be on a hot Christmas day.
Horizontal rain and hail, on the day of the Home Beautiful shoot couldn't
deter our 'xmas in September spirit'. Bring on the fizz and flip flops says I.
For simple festive ideas for an outdoorsy "it's not complicated" kinda chrissy
have a look at the Home Beautiful December issue
Guess's out now!


  1. Saw the shots in Home Beautiful...the house and gardens looked stunning!

  2. Thank you- I was quite pleased with the shoot. Jx

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