Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guestroom makeover

before the nanna room makeover
like omg so, after! They will never leave now
a diy floating bookshelf for essential reading & cup of tea-ing
hard rubbish chair revamped & the picture frame gets white washed!
nice bedside manner..a lamp, headache balm plus a ruler, just in case
guest bedroom blues
Aunty Brenda Interstate guests come to stay at ours occasionally and with that in mind we decided to redecorate our guestroom and create a space that they wouldn't want to leave. Do they really have to roam around the house...really?
The clotted cream had to go and the Roman 'was I' Blind has been on ebay more times than I've been to Hardware house... here's my laundry list for our guestroom smarten up.
check in:
Bed. The first thing to go was the bed as bedheads & footboards can clutter a space-  replaced by a simple base ensemble. So much easier to make the bed too! :)
Windows. The Roman blind, as seen regularly on ebay also got the flick. Shutters were ordered -they can take up to 8 weeks and have to be specifically designed for the space.
Don't buy any off ebay as one size does not fit all.
Paint. The walls were painted in whisper white and the trim, fireplace, mirror frame, bedside table and my fringe in 1/4 strength hogs bristle.
Artwork. I found some beautiful fabric swatches at Patchwork on Central. The swatches had the width but not the length for my canvases. Note the use of twine/jute to cover fabric joins at the base. Neccessity & invention - winner!
Relax. Create a reading area - hhmm a comfy wingback, diy floating bookshelf, lamp and a side table for the endless cuppas.

Now to call Aunty Brenda my fabulous interstate friends and book their stay.

ttfn jo


  1. Hey Joey,
    Already booked flights. T wants to sleep outside with the deer. And for M we'll make a nest of all your cushions. We will pay our way in yards of grosgrain ribbons. Can't wait. M x

    1. Oh yes..please come and bring T plus the rest of the alphabet.
      Trev, Santa's special reindeer has gawn home. He's very busy at the mo!