Friday, November 22, 2013

Sweet, edible gardens

City Pickers
The burgeoning backyard vege patch, chickens softly clucking about
the garden, the shallow wicker basket filled with tomatoes and....
oh god, I'm having that Pottery Barn dream again.
How do you have all of the above, vege + chickens + wicker basket
without it all looking totally feral? Is it possible to have a sustainable
garden that tastes good and looks good?

If you think Felicity Kendal had the Good Life then you haven't met Lisa Harper!
The very clever Lisa, of Akemi Gardens has the sweetest vege patch
in her front garden and the coup de la coup in the back garden...
plus a fluffy white dog to complete the picture.

Gorta Yuki and I shot this lovely garden for Home Beautiful, November issue.

memo to self: leafy greens must cascade from wicker basket
 hello honey, I'm home and I'll be counting the chickens!
 mum, where's the little round sticker?
 neighbour envy, the heavenly vege patch in the front garden
 more neighbour envy...chickens free ranging
 the cubby de coup...those lucky chickens
 the adults playground and produce from the garden
For more clever, economical landscaping ideas visit Akemi Gardens

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