Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mountain gardens


Seasonal drama in the ranges
There is nothing minimalist or parterre about a classic Ranges garden. 
No nouvelle miniscule in the hills, the gardens are as layered and lovely as the dollops of cream on a Sassafras scone. Ribbon like stone paths that taper off into secret garden rooms, rambling lawns and more towering trees than Fangorn Forest. Of course it's cold and it rains a bit..well only for 9 months of the year and then it just drips off the trees from January till April but every season is so clearly defined
with dramatic beauty and colour.
Enjoy my neighbours garden..soon to be featured in the winter edition of the 
Yarra Valley & Ranges glossy magazine- hitting the shelves in June 2012.

ttfn JOx 

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  1. Its gorgeous. I felt like I was there looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing. G.x