Monday, May 7, 2012

Winter decor

On the cover of a magazine
Shooting the very affable Justin Bishops house in Sassafras was a breeze- 
the brief from H&G was to source autumnal colours for the living area and 
make sure there were some manly leather boots resting comfortably 
at the front door. tick

MY MISSION, aside from bringing the warm white, not-too-girlie flowers and a 
cane basket full of leafy herbs was to muss up Mr Symmetrical. 

note throw on sofa....
Justin wasn't convinced with the fine art of the "drop and walk away
and there was some kerfuffling re a folded throw, placed neatly
in the dead centre of sofa
. Not on my watch Mr.....drop the throw 

and walk away from the sofa!

More images from Justins home to WAIT to you see his 
sister-in-laws Ferny Creek house in August, Home Beautiful...somebody is 
going to be very impressed, especially as we used his new interiors coffee 
table tome in one of the shots!

photography Armelle Habib

ttfn Jo

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  1. Love it, you win - the throw looked great! Justin x