Saturday, May 5, 2012

Papier mache

The papier mache theorem
Back in the fluro enlightened dark ages of the 80s I was an art teacher in a leafy 
all-girl college, Brigidine College- not to be confused with Brigadoon...although 
sometimes it did feel like a parallel Catholic universe. Papier mache was a year 7 
speciality and an exercise in Pythagorean art room economy - in any given term time, the sum of the budget is equal to the area of students, whose sides have 2 legs. Papier mache was an economically creatively way to occupy 80 girls on a budget of newspapers and gluey goop .....and here it is again at Anthropologie, San Fran looking decidely more exciting than our 1982 papier mache puppet heads.

I love creative economy, making something out of nothing is a wonderful thing. 
I went mad with the camera at Anthropologie (lack of focus due to predatorial shop assistants) The antelope head and the birdie were so cute...that I had to include one of my originals - an old ceramic vase that I gave the Funk'n Wagnells dictionary treatment plus a little wrapping paper Robin motif. My big, bumble bee papier pinata was also another fine example but it was sadly demolished by a group of rampant fairies many many moons ago.

Insider tips on the fine art of mache
Dont throw out the weekend papers
At least 7 layers of papier is tres essential
Alternate layers of white and printed paper 
Flour, water + salt make for very cheap, messy glue
Or just pick up some wallpaper paste 
Last layer always small/fine white paper strips

ttfn Jo

PS...did I mention I love  Anthropologie

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  1. How funny..someone on pinterest said my antelope was a goat..think they are almost right, it's an Antelgoat