Friday, November 18, 2011

Cushion addiction

The Road to Re-Covery
What is it with women and's obesessive, compulsive and totally addictive. I love the power of the cushion, it's the promise of a new beginning...the decor equivalent to Spring in all its potency. Cushions may feather the nest but no longer are they just a soft place to fall, they create the accent and flavour in a room and they do so economically, maybe that's why we love them. They create change without financial chaos. 

I fell in lust with these Atticus & Milo handmade chair pads the first time I walked into their studio, 2 years ago. Despite the designer fabric tag, they are a simply a patchwork of remnants with a strong graphic colour scheme, lots of texure and a few giddy up elements to get the heart racing.

Mines for my remnants stash.

Atticus & Milo create pefect living spaces 
and really nice cushions too!

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