Sunday, November 13, 2011

Decor Clusters


Sweet Clusters

The Stylesmith file is a little bower that I fill with shiny ideas after 
every house shoot. Its a virtual pinboard of decorating gems collected, like 
the proverbial bowerbird courtesy of stylish home owners.

This pretty home in Surrey Hills, owned & designed by Candlewick Interiors 
mastered the art of The Cluster, the rocky road collection of bite-sized, sweet pieces.

Every room had a unique cluster:
  • the translucent candlesticks on the mantle
  • the table of porcelain vases
  • a cottage garden in whitewashed pots 
  • the dachshund litter quietly holding the handbags
Even the formal living room beautifully combined signature Candlewick 
pieces, such as the ottoman with iconic IKEA design...everyone loves a little IKEA

Create your own clusters, chocolate or decor just mix it up using colour, 
tone and size variation.

Have fun and keep it uneven!

If you like the house you will love the shop and service at Candlewick.

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  1. I love that term clusters... I might have to borrow it... such a great change from 'vignette'... Happy to find you.... xv