Monday, November 21, 2011


The Brown Trading Co & Beautiful South
invite all cushionistas to take the

If you love a cushion you will love the challenge!
The Brown Trading Co & Beautiful South
are giving away 5 gorgeous cushions to
the most creatively styled Cushion Cluster.

The Cushion Cluster Brief:
Simply style up your favourite cushions, photograph and give your collection a title... once that's done send us the digital image (as a tiff or jpg) and we will post the most creative entries on the Beautiful South blog

Think outside the box… your cluster of cushions could be resting comfortably on either a sand dune or a sofa, the location is part of the fun and should complement your collection.
It can be a little cluster of 3 or 33 it depends on how many favourite cushions you have!
Don’t be concerned if you are 'photographically challenged' the competition is about style, creativity and fun.

How to enter:  
Email your image(tiff or jpg) + cluster title to:
Don't forget to include your name + contact details! 

Bloggers - Put your entry/pic on your blog with the title 
plus a comment and then please send Beautiful South a message with a link back to your blog.

Entries close Dec 16
Winner announced Dec 19

Entries will be judged by an Industry approved Cushion Panel

Jo McComiskey
Beautiful South
Cushion Wikipedian

Mel Turner

Recipes for Design
Interior Decorator & Cushion fancier  

Keren Brown
The Brown Trading Co 
Fabric Designer

Unfortunately the Challenge is open to Australian residents only

The Brown Trading Co.  

The Brown Trading Co. creates gorgeous, sophisticated home collections. Their products have been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Vogue Living, House & Garden, Home Beautiful and Marie Claire.

To find out more about their beautiful products go online and have a peak, you’ll love every story!


  1. Hi Jo - what a great idea. I'm sure there are hundreds of people out there, who are cushion addicts and would love to have a go. I'll mention it on my blog. Not sure I'm in the running sadly, as all our lovely cushions are still in storage and those I have out are covered in kids' detritus. If we move in time and I have the chance to unpack, I'll certainly try to throw something together. Terrific concept. Good luck. Mel @Georgica Pond

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog Jo! Love this idea, my house is also in renovation chaos but maybe I can think of something creative :)

  3. What a fabulous challenge Jo! Thanks so much for stopping by Gild & Grace. I look forward to following along on your blogging adventure!

    Abbey x

  4. I am great addiction of these cushions too,you really done a good job and i really want to appreciate your work.Its really feeling good to see such kind of creativity....thanks

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