Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drop + walk away, the art of towel styling

The tall, tanned and talented (T to the power of 3) Mel Turner has finally started up her design business...and not before time.
Mel creates beautiful living spaces for families- we shot her home in Malvern last April for H&G. Cant wait for the Jan issue 
to see it in all its lush lightness.

Mel had a laugh at a well worn styling trick...

 23# The Drop and walk Away
To give the bathroom that "who left the room" feel,
the casually draped towel over the bath is a winner, 
just ask Sibella
The step by step slowly I turned...
1. Drop towel over bath hob-then walk away IMMEDIATELY.
2. DO NOT fuss, fluff or try and foof the towel.
3. REPEAT step 1 if result undesirable

Too easy
Enjoy Mel's site and the H&G Jan issue

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