Friday, February 10, 2012

Artist in residence


The Lodge
A warm, dark and handsome home in the Hills

Tiffaney Bishop..she's a talented photographer, a clever stylist and an advocate for human rights-her beautiful photographic images reference the welfare of women in war torn countries AND she has printed said photographic imagery onto...c u s h i o n s !
I know, I know I'm shallow but I cant resist a cushion.

Tiffaneys home in the Dandenong Ranges has an American colonial aesthetic without the symmetry - it's traditional but slightly quirky and has killer views all the way to Swanston St!
Rich dark timbers, generous leather buttoned chairs, a floor to ceiling bookcase, exposed timber beams, an enormous stone fireplace...and... suddenly I was overwhelmed with a desire to schwill a brandy balloon and light a match on the stonework.
Will post more on Tiffaney + studio + work soon

ttfn Jo

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