Friday, February 3, 2012

WIN Goosedown Deluxe Pillows

Wake up in style

For your chance to win a His & Hers set of Danish goosedown pillows, 
recommended by Kerry Whitaker, cushion connoisseur and owner 
of Melbourne's fabulous Bedspread Shop take the challenge and enter the

Danish Goosedown Pillows
Total European luxury and an investment in ultimate sleeping comfort.
Cotton covered, plump, comfortable and recommended by physiotherapists.

Goosedown Deluxe Giveaway!
Enter the Pillow Storage Challenge for a chance to win a 
set of  His & Hers deluxe goosedown pillows RR $300 from 

The  Brief:
Simply style + photograph your Pre Bed Pillow storage idea, then send 
me the digital image (as a tiff or jpg) and I will post the most creative 
entries on the Beautiful South blog + fwd to the H&G editorial team.
How to enter:  
Email your PBP image(tiff or jpg) to:
Don't forget to include your name + contact details! 
Put your entry/pic on your blog plus a comment and then please 
send me an ahoy with a link back to your blog.

Entries close: Friday Feb 17   Winner announced: Monday Feb 19

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