Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Instyle | Cushion Nirvana..who do you love?

Loving the small things at Life Instyle, Sydney over the weekend.
Chock-a-bock full with a collection of home | lifestyle | kids stuff 
here's a sneak peek of what's in store soon 

'cushion in a basket' plus more on the side from NZ's Bianca Lorenne
I'll have what she is having- one in every colour, thank you Ferm Living
The funky + textured Walter G...note pink lamp in opening image

The amazing patchwork wall of handmade designs from Sally Campbell 

Floor stacks going straight to my living room delivered by Pony Rider

Pony Rider's long + lean bolsters on a long and winding road

Love your work Brown Trading Co..that was my unmarried name..nice to be in the Co. 
Dwell Studio is fun and serious too...lots of European inspired designs 

What's not to love about bonnie and neil  beautiful colour palette and unforgetable design

Feather the nest with a cushion comment... 
which one is your very new, best, favouritest cushion designer?

ttfn Jo


  1. Thank you for visiting the Northern Light Blog, and for leaving a comment, so I could find you!
    ... I see, you were not kidding about the OCD part! What a GREAT "translation" :)

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