Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fairytale gates

Over the Top-airy...a Canterbury tale

Oh Cupids give me Hopetoun, lead me through the Myrtle of pines to my one true gate!
Through Athols of topaired curley Kew'd squares and Groves of Stanley

past the glorious golden mile of ficus lollipops and box hedge Bryson

to wtf?

onward, ever onward through the gates of Monomeath and the path of Rueben 

Hark! Fix bayonets and storm the Torringtons could this be M' ladys gate?

 Tis but a folly, for behold, my one true gate...I shall call her Daphne!

the end

Which, if any is your favourite gate?
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  1. Is this all in your local bicycle (with the wicker basket filled with baguettes and blooms) route? I want to live there too.

    1. Hi Anon,
      This is the metro bicycle route..all lycra and no wicker. The basket path is where we live amongst the trees..the gates are at a more jaunty angle than the Canterbury cousins.