Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goosedown Deluxe Giveaway

Pillow talk
Do you store, stack or floor them at night?

Ahem....Good Housekeeping is of the opinion that your bed pillows 
"shouldn't take up more than half of the bed". My husband is of the 
opinion that they shouldn't take up half the floor either.

A friend of mine says her hubby dodges both the cushions and her 
"floordrobe" and once counted 36 random cushions in the house
not including pillows...welcome to the cushionista club!

Here is one solution re feather bags on the floor:
The Wicker Basket

If you have any solutions or funny husband stories please enter 
the Goosedown Deluxe Giveaway for a chance to win sumptuous  
His & Hers Pillows valued at $300 from The Bedspread Shop.

ttfn Jo


  1. A (well off and well travelled) house guest of my Mother's recently shown to his guest room yelled out "Help! What am I supposed to do with all these pillows - they are breeding in here!!" It caused his wife and my mother to come running only to find him rolling around in the melee of coordinated bed toppings. Pretty funny for a 70 something hetero ex bushie...
    It seems that cushion fetishes are hereditary (funny as my surname is Curtain)...perhaps when shutters have had their day Curtains will be the It Thing of the future... Mind you my mother also is obsessed by chairs....And I must say they do have certain appeal. After living with a magnificent table for nearly 3 years I am unable to commit to the appropriate chair. I did find one I loved but Mum (always with her opinions) thought it to be a bit "Asian". Might just have to risk disinheritance and take the plunge..

    1. very, very funny...thank you for making me laugh, much appreciated. JO