Sunday, February 5, 2012

Storing pillows & cushions


Store, Stack or floor them?
Cute n' clever ways to
say goodnight to bed pillows...nighty night featherbags

Imagine waking up to a pillow free floor where you dont have to search the far flung 
corners of the room or dodge pillows that have passed out bedside and morphed into
a pet bed, at...oh I don't know ...was it around midnight, Maxie?
Whilst at The Works, aka Bed Bath N' Table I noticed their VM displays had
some really lovely ideas for storing pillows, when they are not reclining as 
excessively cosy, colourful bed toppings

The ottoman at the bedbase is always good for a sweet stack of pillows, and 
fortunately far too small for my dog to negotiate as is the suitcase of cushions 
resting on, what else but a suitcase holder.

Put on your thinking cap and pj's to win...
2 Danish Deluxe Goosedown pillows, valued at $300..nighty, night posh feather bags

ttfn Jo

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  1. Beautiful designs. I loved them all. This can surely enlighten up any room.