Monday, March 19, 2012

Childrens room decor

 jelly babies, sherberts...and mind the sticky fingers!

 black & white humbugs a sophisticated & delicious style that lasts and lasts

gummi bears  sunshine, polka dots and a lime elephant to take you far, far away

   marshmellows  chirruping birdies in the tree and a soft place for an afternoon nap
mini-musks  cot cutie, sweet retro accessories and a place for every little thing

 blue jelly beans  a fairytale or two before lights out makes for sweet dreams

sherbet bombs super sweet storage helps to make homework easy peasy

rasberry bullets stripes ahoy and powder my gingham, theres a duck in my room!

would anyone like a glass of water?

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ttfn jo


  1. Such gorgeous rooms and gorgeous photos!

  2. Looking forward to Blue Jelly Beans again. Great website Jo. Loving all the Olinda shots lately too!