Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wingback chairs

Wingbacks, angel chairs & sacred seats

It seems like only yesterday I was standing tippy toe on the seat of this lovely 
old wingback and I could barely see over the top, mind you I was 5 years old 
and she was botttle green with a tiny fluer de lys self pattern...but I loved the 
softness of the goosedown and the way the feathers would work their way through the fabric, quill first and give you a little nip when you sat down. It was so much fun finding and extracting that cheeky feather.

By the time I was in my teens she had moved on from bottle green to gold velour
and didn't we all think she was just too 'groovey baby' sitting comfortably beside the mirrored feature wall and the bronze wallpaper ... the 70's were special.

When she finally came home to me in 1992 my lovely wingback was a little worse 
for wear but thank god for Designers Guild because nothing cures shabby like aqua plaid. God, didn't I think I was groovey

Now the angel, with the goosedown wings looks a little vintage botanical with some ticking on the side panels, just to cut through the nana floral and she even has her very own portrait on the wall. Life in the ranges agrees with my beautiful wingback for she is still soft, comfortable and just perfect in any room..especially our guest room!

Love you mum xo

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture, one that makes you sigh, 
smile and remember?

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