Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter Decorating


Charcoal, indian ink and white swan
THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE H&G SHOOTS...a beautiful family, the effortlessly stunning home, the equally stunning Mel Turner and her exquisite taste in 
fabrics + decor and be still my beating heart....a bycycle with a wicker basket!
Oh my godfathers, I can feel the wind in my hair and the grease on my bell's 
a magnificent  Papillionaire and I have to have one, so I can peddle, lycra-free about the Ranges with a basket full of breadsticks and daffs. Oh wintery joy!

Mel Turner..sure she's clever, beautiful, and designs gorgeous homes BUT I fear she may be somewhat challenged in the art of towel styling, and lets face it, it's an artform and you either got it or you don't..sorry Mel, truth hurts, ouch.

If you would like to see more of the tall and talented Mel's work have a look at her site Recipes for Design she specialises in home renovation, and as a mother of 3 she 
knows how to design clever homes for families...just like hers!

How to create Mel's look
If you would like to source any of the decor, fabrics, paint colours or furnishings in the shoot, I'm only to happy to assist, so please leave a comment on my blog or Beautiful South facebook page or contact me at

ttfn Jo


  1. Such a stunning home Jo! Thanks for sharing :)

    Abbey x

  2. How does the skin under the dining table fare? And is it the same one from the living room that someone has vamoosed for a better shot?

  3. There was quite a herd at the house, so no proverbial pulling of the rug by stylist or home owner for want of a better image.

  4. Thank you Jo for those very kind words.....anonymous, they are two different hides and they are very durable!