Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cottage colour crisis


CRT colour replacement therapy

Do you love a cottage a classic weatherboard cutie..with fretwork, 
wainscotting, sash windows, stunning paintwork and a fancy moniker? If you love
the 3 cottages above..... be prepared for ours.

We have a classic hills cottage called Somerton and as much I as I love her I'm thinking 
she looks a little menopausal. Inside, she thinks like an 1890 year old but her exterior 
says elasticated waistbands and hot flushes. Maybe cheescake + chateau burgundy 
are just not her colours..they're certainly not mine.

Mood change V colour change help me put a little P. Diddy and 
less F. Duddy back into Somerton. I think the colour schemes, of the houses we shot for 
H&G above(mud sludge base, warm white trim and a black door) would improve Somerton's mood considerably. However, before running off to Mr Bristol I would love some painterly advice...behold Somerton below

Please leave your painterly inspiration on my blog,  
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desperate & paintless



  1. I love that first one. And that second one. I think Somerton is merely suffering from the old lady problem of 'too bright lipstick'. Tone down that burgundy and you've got a whole new house.

    1. The burgundy is is so gawn...apart from in our bedroom and the scary thing is I'm starting to not notice it!
      It's like waking up on the set of Moulin Rouge.

  2. I would go the dark charcoal with a white trim and a red / colour of your choice front door. Pretty much your third picture there now that I think about it!! x

    1. I love that charcoal's so Hillsy

  3. Yup, I'm a fan of the charcoal.

    There's a gorgeous old girl here in my village, who was spruced up in tones of charcoal with a touch of – wait for it – pistachio green. On first glance I winced, but now I really admire it. Now it's sassy, and definitely NOT menopausal.

  4. Hi Jo, my partner and I have been house hunting in The Hills since January. I've always struggled to describe what we're after because I don't have the architectural vocabulary, although I have a clear image in my head. "A classic weatherboard cutie with fretwork, wainscotting, sash windows" sums it up beautifully! We've come to the conclusion that we might have to do a lot more renovating than we'd previously hoped to broaden our options, which is something I'm feeling a lot better about after spending some time on your blog. Your before and after images have really broadened my notion of what's possible. I'm so enjoying following the blog of a local - a novelty for me!

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Have you found your dream home? We are very happy with ours now, after 2 years of painting and decorating! Have a look at this months Home Beautiful, Dec issue..we have a 10 pg feature! Not bad for the hills/
      Take care Jo