Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My friend said...

some great quotes from friends about...stuff 

Me: Hey have a look at my post on the lovely Mel Turner in this months H&G;
Catherine: Another beautiful home, she from the Beautiful South area?
Is there such a thing as an ugly designer- they must be a very rare species
because I haven't seen one yet!

Me: Loving the blogging, I popped into an Olinda shop and the woman behind the 
counter said "I know've got a blog"
Sharon: What are you doing, walking up and down the street wearing
a sandwich board?

Maya: Hey Joey, I bought some fabrics today (you should come to HK just to go to 
Sham Shui Po and buy ribbons, they are outrageously not expensive) to make a 
pouffe,as you do.
Me: OMG, I was in spotlight today looking for industrial strength wool to 
KNIT a pouffe...then saw one on sale, so tossed back the 200 bales of yarn. 
We were pouffe-ing in synch!

Me: Hi V..really busy designing corporate cv's for the business boys..makin 
them look good on paper
Virginia: You're just a born jzuser, you jzus homes, people, yourself.
Me: Ha, it's taken me 50 39 years to work that one out.
Virginia: No, It's taken you 50 39 years to gather the experience!

Friends..thank god you can choose them.

If you have a classic friend quote..I'd love to include it on my blog,  
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ttfn Jox

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  1. ha! classic, hmmmm will have to try and think of some to share :)